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Why I Fell in Love with Reading

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 18 Σεπ 2022

I strongly believe that reading should once more become a trend, since its beneficial influence is scientifically proven.

I was very young when it happened. I just took the book in my hands and I instantly fell in love with reading. I couldn’t think anything else but finishing this book. I remember going trough it pages in a mad pace, not being able to think of anything else. I was only 5 years old.

Of course, both my parents and especially my mother were constantly reading me books day after day, feeding me with imaginative stories since I was born. I strongly believe that this was a critical reason why I love reading so much. Later on, as I was growing up, I remember my father always holding a book in his hands, constantly learning something new. Despite the fact that my siblings didn’t get that reading habit as I did, growing up in a reading environment in general played a vital role. I thought that that was what I also should do in life: Read.

In some of the most hard, difficult and disappointing moments and times of my life, I found a great consolation in living a different tale each time, following the protagonists of each book closely to their adventures. There were times that I cared more about the worlds that went vivid in the books I read than about the world outside of them. I guess I am just addicted that way. But is a sweet addiction. The only one that doesn’t hurt you along the way but provides you with remarkable gifts.

What are this gifts, you may ask. Well, I most certainly don’t have the answer, since I am convinced that for each person that has this kind of addiction, the benefits of reading are quite different. I can confide to you the top five benefits I get out of reading all these years. If you like, comment below this article and tell me about yours.

Top 6 Reasons I Love Reading Books

  1. I get filled with mental and emotional peace and harmony when I read

  2. I have learnt some extremely interesting things along the way

  3. I am inspired to live better and become a better person

  4. My mind and imagination work better and more efficiently

  5. I get filled with some wonderful emotions and I fill my batteries

  6. I come in touch with different cultures and ways of thinking

Although these days reading isn’t a fancy or popular endeavor, especially with Instagram and Tik Tok and all these social media apps conquering our lives, I know many people who read frantically. I strongly believe that reading should once more become a trend, since its beneficial influence is scientifically proven. Not only does it help the mind work better, but also it provides the soul with remarkable strength.

What are the main reasons you read? Please post your answers in the comments below, I would really like to know. If you liked this article press the like button. I am posting more on books and other subjects as soon as possible. Till then, I wish you a wonderful time.

Keep creating your own fantastic reality.



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