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The One Golden Rule To Achieve Your Dreams

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 18 Σεπ 2022

By Eleftheria Kollia - The Tiny Storyteller

Ever since we’re children, we develop dreams and aspirations. As we get older, society absorbs us in a system full of work and responsibilities, focusing on gaining financial security and surviving the challenges of life. This hectic routine that we all face as we age sometimes sets us further from our original desires and we forget to chase dreams that we kept close at heart when we were younger.

It is important to note that realism is always valuable and we should never lose sight of it when we plan our future. That said, though, we should combine practicality with our wishes in order to come closer to our ideal lives. For this to happen, there is one golden rule we can utilize and that is to remember our inner child.

We’ve all been children once in our lifetime. As we grow up, we learn to behave like adults by developing skills that blossom our maturity, resilience and critical thinking. All these are positive assets, but we still have to maintain the charisma and energy of the child we used to be! We should never abandon that sense of wonder, curiosity and innocence which aid us in trusting, appreciating and loving the world around us.

There are plenty of ways to keep in touch with our inner child. One is to believe in ourselves. This is something many people regularly say, but rarely do. Believing in oneself is something with which we are born when we are kids. Every baby tries to talk, walk and be part of the world without worrying about how successful they are in their first attempts. They just keep on trying instinctively until they achieve the result they want.

As we get older, this enthusiastic trust that we’re all born with gets filtered through the lenses of everyday problems and demands, until it diminishes. But it is imperative to work on it, so that it never vanishes. Believing in ourselves needs effort after some age. We have to hold tight and continue working and experiencing what we desire, free of the fear of failure.

What are the Ways to Keep your Inner Child Alive Inside you

Believing in ourselves is about hope and appreciation: Hope for success and appreciation for our efforts. Even if we don’t do perfect in our first tries, practice makes perfect and we should never give up, but keep on walking towards our goals with dedication and perseverance, just like we did when we were children.

A second way to be connected with our inner child is to revisit activities we enjoy. Playing our favorite games, watching shows, drawing, writing and in short, anything that makes us feel creative, relaxed and inspired is a great example of hobbies that motivate us. My passion is writing stories and watching films. Such activities remind us of the notions that move and interest us. And most of the times, these notions were present ever since we were children, thus producing a direct bond with that innocent and warm side of ourselves.

A third way to keep our inner child alive is to be surrounded by people who support us. I’m truly grateful to my wonderful parents, my amazing boyfriend and my marvelous friends for always being there for me, believing in me and supporting everything I do with tenderness, kindness and unconditional love. We should cherish such great people who desire the best for us and offer their advice when we need it, cheer for our victories and provide encouraging gestures during our losses.

A fourth method to keep our childlike side active is to let a small proportion of spontaneity in our lives. If we want to try something exciting, we should allow ourselves to do so once in a while. Of course, we should always put our safety first and remember that spontaneity is different from recklessness. But, if we have a vision of practically possible ideas that we’ve always wanted to experiment on, we should give them a chance.

Last but not least, we must choose to let go of negativity. Feelings such as anger, vengefulness, jealousy, insecurity and hate are never good. They hold us back, cementing our thoughts in dark mindsets that fixate us in harmful behaviors. We should be kind, forgiving and merciful both to others and to ourselves. These habits promote creativity and virtue.

As children we’re accepting and optimistic. Even if our adult lives often spark cynicism, we must never leave behind the positive part of ourselves which believes in humanity in the brightest way possible.

In conclusion, evolving as adults is necessary, but it shares the same importance as holding close the things we value. We must try to achieve our dreams, even when the quick rhythms of everyday life absorb us. And the best way to do so is by believing in ourselves, making time for activities we love, surround ourselves with people who care for us, allowing a little bit of spontaneity and finally letting go of negativity and striving to become our best versions.

By keeping our inner child alive, we fuel our love for the world that surrounds us. And when we love the world, we are gaining the “magic” to dream beautiful dreams that might someday come true.

In the words of my favorite childhood song:

“When you wish upon a star
It makes no difference who you are
Everything your heart desires may come to you”

My best wishes to you all,

Eleftheria Kollia - The Tiny Storyteller


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