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The Art Of Doing Nothing

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 18 Σεπ 2022

So, these days I’ve been so busy and my mind has been so filled with new and older ideas, that I had absolutely no time for me and my family. I almost collapsed in many ways and this is a lesson I know I need to take: This of exercising the art of doing absolutely nothing!

As I have found out as I was growing up, there are these talented people between us who have this ability by nature. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am not one of them. I have this little and so annoying germ of wanting and trying to do everything at the same time - now! This is so exhausting sometimes that I find myself being jealous of the people who have the ability to sit down, take a break and literally do nothing for some moments during their day or week.

I don’t know if you can identify with me, but there were moments in this last week that I felt so fed up and tired of having the unstoppable need to do everything at the same time, that I just wanted to stop everything and stare at the empty space in front of me even for just a while. However, every second that passed felt like it was a second that went to waste. This is me now learning this magical and so useful art, this of doing nothing.

The Perks of the Art of the Art of Doing Nothing

“Nothing” is extremely useful in our reality. Our mind desperately needs to empty for some time, deleting everything and making space for new ideas and pieces of information. Therefore, this last week, discussing with many people who have the same “don’t-stop-for-one-second” germ, I discovered how extremely difficult and simultaneously useful it is to own the art of doing nothing.

These days, many people try to manage and keep up with their creativity and the anxiety of the everyday routine. However, our bodies aren’t made to run around all day long. We all, without exception, need some time during our days and weeks to sit down and get some rest. Otherwise, as it has often happened in the past, we collapse and our productivity goes down to zero.

We need to balance our mind, soul, heart, creativity, productivity, wishes and expectations to do more and provide ourselves with some moments of emptiness without any guilt for this. However, if you are a parent, or working a lot, or you are an artist with a head filled with ideas, this seems out of touch and space for you. I know. I get it. I have personal experien

ce on that matter - lots of it.

So, what is the solution?

Why is the Art of Doing Nothing so Difficult to be Applied?

Taking a break, as I have now discovered, is practice. You need to practice a lot to abandon everything for a little while. The thing is that most of us start feeling extremely guilty the moment we stop and start doing nothing. We have this “microchip” if you like inside our heads which supports and promotes the idea of multitasking 24/7, without a moment for yourself. Also, we are taught that looking after yourself - for example taking this so-needed break - is selfish. Simultaneously, we are told that when you are not doing absolutely anything for some time you are bored and won’t succeed in anything in life.

Do you want to tell you a spicy and really important secret I have now discovered?


So do this trick to yourself and you will manage to do double later during your day or week: Give yourself the PERMISSION TO BE HUMAN!

We have a certain amount of abilities, courage, endurance and patience and, if we don’t wish to go through a massive breakdown at some point, we need short or long breaks. Searching a little more around this matter, I discovered that this is one of the greatest rules of nature: taking a break. Doing… nothing. Thinking about… nothing. Worrying about… nothing. And, if we wish to live a long and happy life, we most certainly need to keep in mind this golden rule.

So, today find some time and dedicate it to this marvelous, useful and necessary art - this of doing NOTHING.

Keep creating your own fantastic reality.



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