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Dreams Do Come True – What Is Your Secret Superpower?

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 18 Σεπ 2022

We are Superheroes in our own beautiful and unrepeatable world.

What is your dream? What is the one and maybe only thing that you can’t leave without? If you are among the people who know the answer to this question, then consider yourself lucky. Lucky because, even if you are not there yet, you have a purpose and a reason to live for.

Most people pass through life without expecting anything new during their day. They wake up the same exact hour, eating the same food, going to the same work from the same road, speaking to the same people, watching the same TV program. Although having a routine may be fabulous for your stability – and life needs stability – you need to have something different to expect each day, that is, of course, if you wish to have a meaningful and interesting way of living. Now, I know that for some people this is extremely difficult to find. How is it possible to know your dreams when our society promotes a boring way of living? For me, it is simple. The secret here is always to remember that you can live your life exactly the way you wish.

Ask yourself this magnificent question: “What can’t I live without?” And, there you go! Your answer is your one and only dream.

You see, this answer can be quite different for each person and even for the same person, it changes from time to time, depending on their mood, way of living, surroundings and the phase they are at that particular moment. Maybe you can’t live without you family, children, friends, colleagues. Maybe you can’t live without art. Maybe you can’t live without your job, cooking, travelling, whatever. My point is, we all have a secret superpower. We are superheroes in our own beautiful and unrepeatable world.

We are trying so hard to mimic the people around us, as well as our role-models, that we sadly forget to try and become the people we mimic. What do I mean by that? Simply, instead of trying to pretend to be someone you are not, try instead to become the person you so hard try to mimic. Nobody is you and you are extremely unique and wonderful in your own kind of perfect way. Remember this in your brightest days and your darkest nights and your life, I promise you, will never be the same.

Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”. Have you ever thought that, as you are trying so hard to do things that don’t fit you and become someone you are not, there is somebody else out there who is striving to become you and own the things you take for granted? If you look at it from this perspective, you will most certainly discover that, first and foremost, you are extremely lucky to be you and, secondly, your deepest goal and purpose in life is to become and keep being just the person you truly are.

There is also a saying that quotes “You are not the person you think you are. The person you think you are, that is who you are.” What does this mean? Simply that we become our thoughts. If you strongly believe you are successful in something, then it is definite that you will eventually become successful in this particular thing. Our thoughts are our superpower, a tool and a machine to our needs and wishes. From this point of view, you can be exactly who you want to be and do exactly what you want to do. It is simple as that, really, but the thing is that we are mostly miseducated or uneducated, meaning that we aren’t trained to use our brains so as to act as they ought to.

Now, how our dreams bind to everything stated above? Well, unless you start your own journey of exploring yourself, you stand no chance of discovering your purpose and dream in life. Firstly, you need to start taking care of yourself and let everybody and everything else around you follows their own course. The more you focus on your inner self, the easier it will become for you to find out what you are made for.

Nevertheless, for some people around us, finding their dreams and superpowers is the easy thing. They automatically know what they need and wish to do. The hard thing for them is to achieve it and make their dream come true.

After many storms in my life, I have discovered a little and simultaneously big secret: Dreams do come true. However, as Michael Ende used to say “But that is another story and shall be told another time.” For now, keep in mind that you have your secret superpower. The rest is history.

Thank you for reading me today. I want also to give you a warm welcome and thank for joining my blog. Hope you like it and wish you to enjoy your time and journey with me, my thoughts and my writing. From now on, you’ll be my company and I’ll be yours. No matter what.

Keep creating your own fantastic reality.




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