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About Friendships That Last Forever

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 18 Σεπ 2022

Our friends are merely the mirror of our actions, feelings and thoughts.

Is there such a thing as friendships that last forever? Sure there is. Although it is hard to find, true friendships do exist and are waiting for us to find them. However, in the world of Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok, where most people look for quantity over quality, true friendships are a rare thing to find. How do you create long-lasting friendships, however, in a world that runs faster than we can tolerate? I will tell you what I believe.

How Do You Create Long-lasting Friendships In Our World?

There are plenty of ways to ensure you are in a fruitful, fair relationship. However, as it goes with all kind of relationships, you always need to keep in mind one crucial rule: You are not alone in this relationship.

As obvious as this may be, it is not always something we have in our mind during our friendships. Therefore, we strongly need to remember that the other person has their own personality, way of thinking, experience through life, as well as behavior and perception of friendships and world around us. On this course of thought, we cannot control everything, we cannot control anybody and we cannot manage any situation that occurs. No, it is not everything always our responsibility and fault. There is a 50%-50% rule for any good or bad moment we share and this is crucial if we do not want to get crazy over details, behaviors and outcomes.

However, there are plenty of things we can control and that are our responsibility in order to create strong and authentic friendships. Below you will find a list that I have discovered to be important when it comes to our responsibilities and abilities in a friendship. Just keep reading.

1. Be Authentic

For me, a guaranteed way of creating everlasting friendships is to be authentic. However, the trick here is that you need to be authentic, first and foremost, with yourself. There are plenty of things we choose not to see when it comes in relationships, things we don’t admit neither to ourselves nor to the other person. However, these little or major issues that bother us and remain hidden are most certainly the basic obstacles in our road of building everlasting friendships.

Therefore, authenticity is the key to every healthy relationship – at least that is the way I see it. Not only should we admit firstly to ourselves and then to our friends our mistakes and their faults, but we should mostly keep constant touch with our true feelings for each part of our relationship and every situation that rises. We need to deeply explore our inner thoughts and feeling and admit to ourselves whether we like what we get or not. For me, this is the only way to commit long-living and deep friendships.

Finally, for me authenticity also means to show to the other person the dark side we all inevitably have inside us. Good friends stick together no matter the waves and difficulties they have to face. Don’t be always kind and loving, especially if you are through some sort of difficulty. Instead, you owe to yourself and your friends to be exactly the way you want and feel to be at a particular moment. If you are true friends, the other person will most certainly appreciate you authenticity. If not, you will be better off without them. In any case, authenticity is perhaps the only way to test your relationship. A good friend will be there for you even in your darkest days and nights.

2. Be Selective

Most of the times, we feel the need to be surrounded by many friends, choosing quantity over quality. However, it is only normal that any person in the world can’t be matched with many people at the same time. If we want to have everlasting friendships we definitely need to be more selective and choose wisely the people that are on our side. This way we will be able to be more authentic to our existing relationships, not trying to maintain each relationship separately.

3. Be Supportive But Never Give More Than You Can Bear Giving

As mentioned before, in order to create steady friendships we need to be supportive especially in our friends’ darkest days. We ought to be there for the other person, no matter what, supporting their dreams, wishes, endeavors and help them get through trough their most difficult times.

However, we also need to be extremely careful not to drain our self in the process. Don’t you ever give more than you can bear giving, because you will most certainly leave yourself with very little. You always need to keep the balance between being supportive and give everything you have to the other person. Most of the times, people won’t appreciate the fact we provide them with everything we own, leaving ourselves with absolutely nothing. Moreover, if we are drained by giving everything, we won’t have the strength to support neither ourselves nor our friends. Therefore, we need to be cautious and give just as much as we can, not overdoing it in order to prove that we are good friends. Keep the balance and everything will be alright.

4. Love and Help Yourself First, So As To Let The Others Do The Same

A basic rule in life is that you are your priority. This says a lot when it comes to friendships as well, since you need to love and help yourself first before doing the same for the others. When we love and protect ourselves, it is very likely that our friends will do so as well. After all, people only treat us the way we treat ourselves. Therefore, we always need to teach self-love to ourselves and then allow the people that surround us to love us and help us as well. Our friends are merely the mirror of our actions, feelings and thoughts. If we betray ourselves in the process, it is very likely that some of our friends will also betray us. Love and help yourself first, so that people mimic your good example.

5. Be Confident

Remember, we need friends in our lives, but we don’t need anyone in specific. The right friendship will appear at the right moment, when you are confident we deserve it. As a magnificent line in the movie “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” states, “We accept the love we think we deserve”. Keeping that in mind, you firstly need to be confident that you deserve to be loved and have healthy relationships that will last forever in order to get this in real life. It all begins from within. Don’t neglect your needs and wishes in order for people to like you more. On the contrary, have faith in your abilities, as this is the most authentic and simultaneously attractive situation you can create.

In conclusion, friendships and relationships in general are certainly not easy to create for life. As we change over the years, so do the people we know and this brings certain difficulties in our relationships. However, with authenticity and the confidence that you deserve the best you can get pretty much anything you wish for.

I hope that today’s article helped you realize some stuff and put your thoughts in the right order. I wish you a fruitful and happy rest of the day.

Keep creating your own fantastic reality.




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